Energy Centres

Our experience of installing sophisticated energy centres in partnership with industry-leading developers sets us apart from many other contractors. The skills and knowledge we have obtained through these partnerships have allowed us to improve and enhance the integration of existing technologies. At Woodford, we install energy centres either as modular units produced off-site or as a traditional on-site build. The advantage of off-site fabrication and modular build is that installation takes place in a semi-controlled environment, allowing modular sections and skids to be tested, quality checked and witnessed off-site. This simultaneously saves on programme time.


Beyond the energy centre, we also install the M&E infrastructure. This includes (but is not limited to) boosted cold water, substation, BMS control system and low temperature hot water (LTHW) distribution, as well as asset tagging. We also fit the heat meters and M-Bus systems where required, as well as the wet risers, conventional radiators and underfloor heating in common areas. We can look after the fire stopping, as this is currently a critical issue when distinguishing between infrastructure and fit-out. The connection of all services into and out of each flat is also key.

Fit Out

From central heating to gas works, we provide the highest quality installation and maintenance services for all heating requirements, including MEV and MVHR (heat recovery), underfloor heating and sprinklers. In addition, for bathrooms, we offer complete sanitaryware installation, ensuites and wet rooms, as well as drainage, plus hot and cold water for kitchens (in partnership with kitchen specialists). Including all quality inspections and full testing, our quality assurance systems ensure the entire fit out process runs seamlessly from specification through to the handover of stylish rooms.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

MEP services are critical to effective building design as they enhance efficiency, functionality and comfort. Without high quality systems, or with very poor MEP infrastructure, buildings can be extremely inefficient. We provide MEP services across the core construction development sectors, working with our project teams and customers to deliver the building services required to ensure a successful outcome. Woodford is dedicated to helping design and implement innovative and energy efficient results across new build and refurbishment projects.