James Graham

1. What attracted you to your current role as Project Manager?

The feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed and you can look back at it and be proud of what you and TEAM have done. Also the pressure and the challenges that can come at any moment during a project and how you get over them successfully. Taking all previous experience and utilising it in your current project to make it more successful.

2. What are your biggest challenges in this role?

The biggest challenge is making sure the project runs as planned. By making sure you are always looking 6 weeks, constantly planning and having a plan b in place for when something is thrown into the mix. Being organised is key to the job as without it, the project could not be successful.

3. What does a typical day look like as a PM for Woodford?

Planning and communication is something I do every day. Evaluating the current status of the job, planning ahead with the team, making sure price work is achievable always 6 weeks in advance. Regular client meetings and site walk through with sub-contractors. Making sure everyone is moving in the right direction.

4. When not at work, what are your interests/hobbies?

I recently had a baby boy called Jake, so he’s my main focus. I want to be able to take him around the world and travel to different places. Football is my main interest, it’s just a shame I support Arsenal as it’s not that great at the moment.

5. How would you sum up working at Woodford in one word?